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Nottingham 2.jpg University of Nottingham, Spider Lab; Sara Goodacre
Nottingham Spider Lab, BBC article and video
A range of evolutionary, population and conservation genetic studies, including dispersal-strategy and the persistence of population differentiation in money spider meta-populations; mating behaviour and sex ratio bias in tree dwelling spiders; genetic tools to study and manage endangered raft spider populations.
Oxford 2.jpg Oxford University, Oxford Silk Group; Fritz Vollrath
Studies the biology of silks aiming to unravel their evolution, ecology, physics and chemistry; spider web engineering and behaviour; metabolic costs of natural silk production and the ecological costs (and benefits) of the commercial silk industry.
Huntsman ani 2.gif

University of Manchester; David Penney

Research interests include extant and fossil spider taxonomy and systematics; evolutionary history of spiders; reconstruction of fossil ecosystems; the timing of the radiations of the major extant spider families.